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We have created solutions designed to handle some of the most difficult issues facing the Cannabis industry. Payroll, Taxes, HR, Banking, Merchant Services. Business services that are normally routine in non-Cannabis markets become nightmares for Cannabis businesses. We are focused on providing custom solutions designed to overcome these obstacles and provide enterprise-level Payroll, Tax & HR Services at affordable prices.

What we bring to the table.

Before listing our custom solutions, you should know that we aren’t newbies to the world of Payroll, Tax & HR Services. Our Founder started in the Payroll Services industry in 1988. We have 5 CPP’s on staff in an industry where having one is a rarity. We have dedicated Tax & IT Support Staff on the premises. But even more important than our credentials is our customer-centric attitude. We take a long-term approach in developing a personalized relationship with our clients. We always do what’s best for the client. We’re privately held and minority-owned. We don’t answer to anyone except our customers.

Let’s get to work.

One of the biggest concerns for any Cannabis business is the tax impact of the IRS’s Section 280e. We have developed solutions that take advantage of the CHAMPS decision that allows tax deductions for the non-Cannabis part of the business. Our technology has the ability to track the time spent in each type of work and recoup the labor costs (wages, taxes, workers comp, benefits) for non-Cannabis job functions. Each solution is custom-created for each client.

Some of the major players in financial services have dropped their Cannabis clients due to fears related to the Schedule I status of Cannabis. To them, moving payroll and tax dollars for a federally-illegal business (even though they are completely state-legal) amounts to money laundering. Until Cannabis is re-scheduled, the large national providers of Payroll, Banking and Merchant Services will remain on the sidelines. Some banks have closed the accounts of Cannabis businesses. For those clients, we have create the ASO model as a workaround. We’re committed to providing solutions for banking-impaired employees and employers

We provide complete tax filing and payment services for all of our clients. With each payroll, we debit the entire tax liability and pay the federal, state and local taxes on their behalf. In addition, we guarantee that taxes will be filed and paid in a timely manner or we pay the penalties and interest. Our tax debit and payment system uses ACH (Automated Clearing House) files to move the money so clients no longer have to pay extra fees for transporting, counting and depositing tax payments in cash. It’s less costly, more secure, much more convenient and included at no extra charge.

It won’t break the bank.

Unlike the PEO’s, we don’t charge a percentage of gross payroll. As compared to the major players, our fees are usually 30% to 50% less. We provide enterprise-level technology matched with world-class customer care at a truly affordable price. Our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive, we charge $39 per payroll and $2 per employee/contractor. That price includes online payroll processing, access to cloud-based software, federal, state & local payroll taxes, online reports and pay stubs, direct deposit, employee self service, general ledger and workers comp reporting, and much more. Additional products and services are available as needed. We offer a full spectrum of Payroll, Tax and HR Services at affordable prices.

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